[Aust-NZ] Geo Spatial data, Geotag CSV files, URL links, etc.

Noli Sicad nsicad at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 00:16:30 EDT 2010


As Simon C suggested that probably we can have another thread for these things,

Here is useful site.

Australian GeoSpatial Data – Free


The data is from

The blog has postgis tutorial as well.

We can incorporate - build your database using some data from the
data.vic.gov.au and from other sites as it become available.

I wish all CVS files have postcode or geotags from
http://data.vic.gov.au/  some have postcode Water use.cvs have
postcode so it is useful to build up your postgis database. Some data
are unuseable if you don't work in the council.

Recreational fishing spots.csv data would useful if the data has been
geotag, in my opinion.

Try download some data and see what I meant :-).

Probably we can put something in Aust-NZ wiki along this line.



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