[Aust-NZ] Canberra GeoNetwork User Group meeting [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Bruce Bannerman B.Bannerman at bom.gov.au
Thu Nov 10 19:54:08 EST 2011

Just a heads-up.

The OSDM has been renamed as the Office of Spatial Policy.

See [1] for changed contact details etc.

Bruce Bannerman

[1] http://www.osdm.gov.au/

On 11/11/11 11:16 AM, "Jody Garnett" <jody.garnett at gmail.com> wrote:

 Okay so the link is here:
- http://www.osdm.gov.au/Metadata/GeoNetwork/Committees/default.aspx

GeoNetwork User Group Workshop 14-15.11.11

- http://www.osdm.gov.au/Metadata/GeoNetwork/Committees/DraftProgram_GN_User_Forum_Workshop_2011-11-14.pdf/?id=1167

Should the Aust-NZ chapter have a news feed or something for stuff in the Area? This is the kind of thing that would be good to promote at the local level.

And a tip of the hat to OSDM for diving in and getting involved; a really good example of how government can engage with the open source community (rather than just the resulting product).
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