[Benchmarking] potential caching issue ?

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Hi All,


We would like to raise a potential issue in the way the Jmeter tests are

We had the confirmation today that the GetMap BBOX are randomly chosen
(which is good) but once chosen, these are used in the 3 runs.

This means that one single csv is used for the 3 runs.


We have concern that some servers can simply cache responses for
subsequent runs, which would produce unrealistic throughput results.


We understand the fact that we have 3 runs, indeed the server needs to
be initialized, but server initialization and caching are from our point
of view different topics.


We think that caching the responses is not a realistic use-case. It
would mean that we measure the network bandwidth (caching results =
sending back bytes on the wire) rather than the real getmap performances
of the servers. 


At this level, we understand it may be too late to change the test (E.g:
to have the BBOX slightly different in all 3 runs, that way, the server
will be initialized but will be unable to cache the data blocks and the
results responses). 


What do you think can be done to avoid this scenario? 

Thank you !

Kind Regards,


Ps : we are grateful for the time spent by certain persons to provide
the Jmeter tests. Our goal is not to criticize their work, but to ensure
that the produced results are fair...



Anne-Sophie Collignon

Enterprise Solutions - Project Engineer






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