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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Feb 13 19:52:53 EST 2006

Chris Holmes wrote:
>  > I do still like the idea of a friends of the foundation kind of
>  > associate membership, perhaps at the $20 level.  In fact, I would like
>  > to propose that what we have been calling "members" be called
>  > "trustees" and that what we had been calling "associate members" or 
> "friends of the foundation"
>  > be called "members".  I think that highlights the responsibility 
> level > of the trustees and reduces the feeling of marginalization of 
> members.
> I like this idea a lot.  +1


OK, I would like to make this a formal motion.


I move that the existing 21 "members", and the 24 to be selected be
henceforth called Trustees.  Trustees shall be privileged members
authorized to vote for the board, and who may in the future have other
special responsibilities within the foundation.  Trustees may only be
added to the foundation with the agreement of the board or membership
via a process yet to be full established.

"Members" shall designate anyone else who requests membership.  Members
do not get to vote for the board, but may participate in committees,
participate in projects and so forth.  A membership process will be
established in the future, but membership will be open to anyone in the
public wishing to demonstrate an interest in, and support for the aims of
the foundation.

"Trustees" are implicitly also "members", but "members" are not necessarily


+1 from me.

Ideally I would like anyone who creates an account on osgeo.org to be
considered to be a member.  But I don't want to preclude a possible
decision to charge members a fee.

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