[OSGeo-Conf] OSGeo/FOSS4G '07 Location

Claude Philipona claude.philipona at camptocamp.com
Wed Aug 30 16:24:03 EDT 2006

Paul I guess your right, the size of the conference with now about 500 
attendees is probably the limit (or just over) for non-profesionnal 
organization. We would probably recommend for the next edition to relay 
at least partially on professional organization. Although one should 
remember that it will highly impact on registration fees (probably 2 to 
3 times higher) or would need much higher sponsor revenue.


Paul Ramsey wrote:
> On 30-Aug-06, at 8:03 AM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> My understanding is that Refractions is waiting for an RFP and they will
>> consider making a proposal.  I would say that we would give folks a
>> couple weeks to write proposals, and then try to select the best one on
>> a variety of criteria (local capabilities, appropriateness of location,
>> cost, etc).
> Right, should we respond, it will be on the basis of using a 
> professional organizer, professional venue 
> <http://victoriaconference.com/> 
> <http://www.westinbayshore.com/meetings.html>, etc, which might not be 
> to the taste of OSGEO.  Basically, I decided on reflection and careful 
> remembrance of Dave's and Steve's haggard faces at their respective 
> conferences that I was not interested in martyring myself to the cause 
> of putting on a conference -- there are people who know how to handle 
> all the details, and I want one of those people.  At this point, due to 
> the lateness of the process, the venue might not even be available, 
> which will make things even easier for me. :)
> P.
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