[OSGeo-Conf] starting the 2012 RFP process...

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Tue May 24 20:20:41 EDT 2011

I'm getting a lot of direct emails and questions about the process 
decided for 2011...and everyone's best bet is to read page 6 of the 2011 
RFP where we explain the process, which I will quote below:


Application Process (page 6 top, 2011 RFP)

The selection process has been modified from previous hosting 
competitions. Although the FOSS4G
event has successfully moved around the globe, we will now request that 
hosting occur in specific
regions each year. For 2011, we hope that the event can take place in 
North America. The 2012 event
will be aimed at the Asia/Pacific region, and the 2013 event will be 
focused on Europe.

I hope this makes it clear to everyone (it should, I hope).


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