[OSGeo-Discuss] Announcement: Italian Association for Geographic Free/Open-Source Software

Markus Neteler neteler.osgeo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 12:11:51 EST 2007

Como, 26 February 2007

 "Associazione Italiana per l'Informazione Geografica Libera / GFOSS.IT"
  (Italian Association for Geographic Free/Open-Source Software)

has been founded in Palermo, Italy.

GFOSS.IT has been founded by specialists with a consolidated international
experience in the field of geographic information systems and of
free/open-source technologies.

GFOSS.IT was established in the context of the eighth Italian GRASS
and GFOSS users meeting, held in Palermo, Italy (14-16 February 2007).

The aims of the association are to:

- foster the development, the diffusion, and the protection of exclusively
free and open-source software for geographic information;

- promote open standards for geographic information and free access to
geographic data;

- promote contacts within the geographic free/open-source software developer
and user community, as well as contacts between this community and other

- encourage and co-ordinate the translation and/or the localisation of
geographic information software and documentation;

- promote relationships with other national and international associations,
and with public and private organisations.

What's next:

During the coming month the association will formalise its constitution,
finalise the activities to be conducted during 2007, and will be open to
applications for membership.

Info: info a gfoss.it
Web: http://www.gfoss.it

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