[OSGeo-Discuss] open jump

Stefan Steiniger sstein at geo.uzh.ch
Wed Aug 4 13:17:13 EDT 2010

The question is what you mean by hosting?
If you ask why we are not an OSGeo project then the answer from Yves is 
correct: we did not apply.

Although I have written/filled most documents necessary and we also have 
people who would support us in the incubation process the problem is 
that we simply don't have the resources to put an OSGeo membership into 
place. We are a pure voluntary project since a while and almost all of 
us work in their free time on improving OpenJUMP. Hence, I don't want to 
impose any management and control structures and schedules on any of us, 
and I am just happy if one of us founds time to improve OJ.

Subsequently and despite that fact that we had a positive vote for 
joining OSGeo about 2 years ago, I decided that every minute spent on 
the project is better spent with answering user emails and coding & bug 
fixing than with putting in efforts for (i) establishing and maintaining 
OSGeo conform management structures, (ii) reviewing code (for license 
issues), and (iii) moving infrastructure to OSGeo servers etc. Its not 
that I think the OSGeo demands a lot of management overhead, and I 
personally see that the OSGeo structures are there to ensure the quality 
of software and project management. But we simply don't have the people 
that can spend that much time on that (including me).

Fortunately we have been able to run the OpenJUMP/Jump-Pilot project the 
way we do now for about 4 years, and I more or less hope it can continue 
this way. I also think we worked one the bus-factor ;) so one/I can be 
half a year off without any serious implications.

I hope my lengthy answer answers what you want to know. And I also hope 
that this email make some people think about all the volunteer efforts 
that are done by committed people in the software projects.


Yves Jacolin wrote:
> Fashad,
> Le mercredi 04 août 2010 15:24:56, Fahad Rasheed a écrit :
>> Why osgeo not hosting open jump?
> because they didn't ask it ;)
> Regards,
> Y.

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