[OSGeo-Discuss] Getting a .kmz into GIS

Ezra Boyd eboyd3 at tigers.lsu.edu
Mon Jun 14 09:16:05 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone,

I need help in importing or converting a .kmz file so that I can view it in
my GIS.

I work for a small environmental NGO in coastal Louisiana, and we are
currently assisting emergency responders tackling BP's oil spill.  One of my
tasks is surveillance of oil streamers and globules as they approach the
coast.  To help with this, I am using radar satellite imagery obtained from
CSTARS (https://www.cstars.miami.edu/.)

The website provides downloadable .kmz files.  When I open these files in an
GeoBrowser, I can view a georeferenced .tif image.  However, I have not
figured out how to get geotiff into my GIS, where I can overlay winds,
currents, tides, and waves to project likely movement of observed oil

I have tried exporting the image in Google Earth, Nasa Worldwind and ArcGIS
Explorer.  I have also tried opening the .kmz in a half dozen or so GIS
viewers.  I have also tried converting the file using GDAL.  I have also
tried changed the file extension .zip and then uncompressing it.  None of
these attempts have worked.

Please let me know if you how to extract the .tif file embedded in the .kmz.

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