[OSGeo-Discuss] MapQuery 0.1.0 released

Steven Ottens steven at minst.net
Fri Jul 29 12:47:36 EDT 2011

Hi Raj,

MapQuery formally extends OpenLayers, it is similar in concept as GeoExt, but uses jQuery instead of Ext. The idea is to create a jQuery-style webmapping library which wraps around OpenLayers and extends it with functionality like layer managers, datagrids (NYI), legends etc. We try to make it easy to create a webmap-application with OpenLayers, without having to know all that OpenLayers has to offer. 
We aim at jQuery developers more than on people who are already well-versed in OpenLayers. As such we will provide a few simple functions which (we think) will be enough for 90% of the use-cases. The other 10% is not actively pursued, though one could directly access OpenLayers and do some of the advanced stuff we're not providing. 


On Jul 29, 2011, at 6:04 PM, Raj Singh wrote:

> What does MapQuery do beyond what OpenLayers does? Does MapQuery formally extend OpenLayers? In other words, does MapQuery include OpenLayers, but provide an interface familiar to jQuery developers, or was OpenLayers simply informal inspiration? 
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> Raj
> On Jul 28, at 3:56 PM, Steven Ottens wrote:
>> MapQuery 0.1 released
>> The MapQuery Community is happy to announce the first release of
>> MapQuery: v0.1.
>> MapQuery, formerly known as GeoJQuery, has been an idea for several
>> years and now, with this first release, it is an actual product you can
>> use. We would like to thank Geodan for hosting the codesprint that
>> kickstarted this release. We would also like to thank the communities of
>> OpenLayers, jQuery and GeoExt for inspiration, answers, software and
>> general awesomeness.
>> Release details
>> Download the zip file here, unzip it get the dependencies with the 
>> /lib/getdeps.sh script and check out the demos.
>> To get involved you can:
>>   * fork MapQuery from GitHub 
>>   * join the mailinglist
>>   * file issues 
>>   * hang out on IRC 
>>   * join the foss4g codesprint
>> About MapQuery
>> MapQuery is a pure javascript based library which builds upon
>> OpenLayers, jQuery and jQuery UI to provide an easy to use webmapping
>> library. It is meant for jQuery application developers who want to build
>> Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with maps. Currently it provides a few
>> basic widgets to create functionality around a map and an easy API to
>> write your own widgets.
>> The first release includes:
>> -the main map widget
>> -FeatureInfo widget
>> -LayerManager widget
>> -MousePosition widget
>> -OverviewMap widget
>> -Popup widget
>> -ZoomButtons widget
>> -ZoomSlider widget
>> For more information see the website: http://mapquery.org
>> Have fun!
>> The MapQuery team
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