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Michael P. Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
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What sort of "overhead" are you concerned about?  The learning curve, or the
size of the .exe, or..?





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Michael wrote


There are packages that will do Shapefiles for you, know you?





Yes. I'll eventually get to the libraries.  But there are some
considerations. I've always been or atleast felt alone in my coding quest.
Noone tought me anything (that's not true). The net.framework is HUGE from a
newbie point of view .. how do I know that it doesn't already contain what I
need (as it did with the tif-encoder) without learning about the nooks and
crannies of it - and that's an enormous task on it's own. Around easter I
had a look at the libraries of two of the dotnet-projects. I was pleasently
surprised. But I shyed away becourse of the overhead. My first exe-files
turned out to be executable from my web-pages. It was and they still are so
small and selfcontained, that they for 'some' practical reasons can function
as a 'format': The little D2-polyLine editor contains the line-data and a
continous abillity to edit it .. woila! It's an exe with no consequences,
but it complies to a sound design-rule: keep it simple! It does no more and
no less than it promises.
There is a particular reason to do the 'copying' of classes that I do: I
need to get to know the gis-world (I'm a geologist), and the laborious task
of dealing practically with the details IS the learning-process. I get the
classes too, fine.
One of the reasons that I keep coding is the posibillity to .. over time ..
build a library of 'good' classes. A library that I KNOW inside out. This
sounds good, but the reallity is different. So few things survive time.
Sometimes, after writing a class, I feel that I can tell if it's going to be
usefull in the future .. and it's again the 'I can see what it does', and it
does no more and no less. I spent most of my time trying to understand ..
life is too short for cryptic classes. In this respect the dotnet libraries
I looked at gets an A+. 
If there are small dll's that deals with the basic formats it would be
stupid not to use them, but the shortcut may only be exploitable in the
vb-editor becourse of the intelli-sense (I don't know where the
intelli-sense went in my current C#-editor)




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