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Carsten Troelsgaard troelsgaard53c at live.dk
Wed Jun 1 14:13:38 EDT 2011

. . duu .. I keep sending mails in all directions ..


I think of the size of the .dll involved. From my limited experience I've stayed away from ie engaging database in my code (arranging one as a container for data). An empty database would fill meny times more than a dll that handles datafiles on it's own. I think that I had a look at gDal .. there is a cultural barrier to Linux or non Microsoft. At one side you talk about tags, on the other it's called attributes, Frame or Directory .. this may even be wrong, but I cannot afford to doubt the meaning of the words. I'm dealing with a 64-bit gohst that clutters certain things, DirectX disappeared in Win7, Xna differs and I enter new languages with lesser IDE's .. i's a bad time to look up new ground. Adding a whole new dll to a project would probably mean that I would have to face deployment and security matters .. that would eat 3 to 6 month.
I talk and talk and have no real pondus against the question of why not use someone else's work.   

mpg said:

What sort of “overhead” are you concerned about?  The learning curve, or the size of the .exe, or..?
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