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Carsten Troelsgaard troelsgaard53c at live.dk
Sun Jun 26 05:31:50 EDT 2011

Hey all
Can anyone point me to some info on the practicalities of using the viki .. ? 
ping Ted/Harold Dunsford & Michael P. Gerlek/mpg
Are you sure that you'r not up to the 'google-earth' viewer?
I spent a miserable lot of time cleaving the geoTiff, and, seeing what it contains I recall why I'm so hooked on 3D in the first place: it makes those 50+ different types of projections perfectly superfluous .. and probably the academic institutions that's been erected in their honor too. 
Ted, your comment that 'it's not very rewarding..' was buzzing in my head when I got to look at data: at a resoution above a few arcSeconds, everthing looks FLAT. 
Looking at a 1 arcSecond resolution is on the other hand addictive (said the geologist)
I've got a good geocoded viewer by now and will probably try to build a globe with available 'buttons' at the tiles where I have data .. and probably do some work on 'mipmapping' data that neighbours the block of data that's currently being looked at. 
The viki would probably be the proper place for details.
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