[DotNet-OSGeo] MapWindow/DotSpatial 2011 - User/Developer Conference

Daniel Ames dan.ames at isu.edu
Wed Mar 16 21:44:21 EDT 2011

Dear OSGeo DotNet List:

Please consider coming to San Diego, California this June for the
MapWindow/DotSpatial conference and workshops.


<http://www.mapwindow.org/conference/2011/>We still have some workshop slots
open (four hour hands on workshops each afternoon of the conference) and it
would be great to get some workshops from other OSGeo DotNet projects...

We're working on a deal like FOSS4g where workshop presenters get free

I'm working on the preliminary schedule now and would like to send it out
next week, so if there are any of you who might be interested in coming and
putting on a workshop or giving a talk, will you please let me know ASAP?


- Dan

Daniel P. Ames, Ph.D. PE
Associate Professor, Geosciences
Idaho State University - Idaho Falls
amesdani at isu.edu
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