[El] RPM package for mod_geocache

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Sat Oct 30 06:34:09 EDT 2010

> A numbering scheme for subversion checkouts could be to add the revision number as a last digit, let's say mod-geocache- This way releases numbers could increase monotonically with time.

Ok good idea, I'll use this numbering scheme ( for the time
being, it will then naturally increase after the first release.
We will also be able to track the progresses in subversion by updating it often.

> Anyway, I would not add software, which does not have an official release to stable.
> Should we have a kind of experimental repo, where proof of concepts, etc. can be placed, such as the mod-geocache package? Too much overhead?

I think that elgis-(plus)-testing is good enough for that at this
stage: people can chose to enable it, and then they can choose which
packages to install or not.

As already discussed, putting packages in testing doesn't mean they
will all end up in stable very soon (or at all).

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