[El] Did I just make a lot of work for myself or is there an easy way out?

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Sat Feb 19 03:07:14 EST 2011

> saw. Sorry for attaching the whole thing, but I don't know what bits are
> important to diagnose this.

You did well by attaching the whole log: it provides the relevant information.

Your main problem seems to be that you have the PGSQL repo installed
as well (http://www.pgrpms.org/).

This is an excellent repo, having recent and well maintained
PostgreSQL versions, but we don't validate the compatibility of ELGIS
with it, and there are apparently conflicts.

Can you please execute:
yum repolist
so that we have the list of your installed repositories?

>From there on you have various options:

1 - uninstall the PGSQL repo and use postgresql84 from CentOS base as
your PostgreSQL. ELGIS should then work as expected and we will be
able to support you efficiently.

2 - if you really need PostgreSQL 9.0, then you can try to nail down
the conflicting dependencies and then use 'excludes' in the various
repo files. Just installing mapserver.x86_64 as Volker suggested may
already bring you a long way. But I am afraid that you will run into
other issues at some point

3 - or you can disable the ELGIS repo completely and rebuild the ELGIS
mapserver SRPM against the PGSQL repo (it provides most basic GIS
libraries as well). Since mapserver doesn't have many dependencies
this could be pretty straightforward. However you will have to monitor
ELGIS updates and go through the build process for each mapserver
update. And we will be less able to support you.

If you are not familiar with yum and RPM packaging and just quickly
want a working GIS infrastructure, you should probably go for option

Don't hesitate to ask for more help, this list is not only on support
for the ELGIS repo, but more generally on GIS on the RHEL/CentOS
This is just easier for us to help you if you use the same packages as us.



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