[ELGIS] PgRpms PostgreSQL. Why not?

Volker Froehlich volker27 at gmx.at
Sun Mar 25 06:51:12 EDT 2012

On Sun, 2012-03-25 at 10:03 +0200, Mathieu Baudier wrote:
> > sorry if this is a FAQ, but I didn't find any precise information
> > about the issues with pgrpms provided PostreSQL packages.
> > ELGIS is great in providing the most recent version of GIS stuff, but
> > stickes to EPEL provided version of Pg, which is a fairly old 8.4
> > version.
> At this stage, the recommended approach is to rebuild the ELGIS (or
> Fedora) SRPMs against pgrpms packages.
> > What are the specific issues with these packages? Is it feasible to
> No particular issue, just a matter of binary compatibility
> > reconcile the two efforts. It would be much better to have a
> > continuously updated version of PostgreSQL. So why not?
> Yes we would like to, but we don't have much resources for this
> volunteer effort and already struggle to keep the pace of our current
> scope, so this is not something we plan to do in the near future.
> Some people (like me) don't need the latest and greatest features of
> PostgreSQL and don't want to change the base OS, and therefore prefer
> to stick with the version supported by Red Hat.

To give a rough figure of what that would mean:

More than 40 (sub-)packages in RHEL and EPEL (outside of ELGIS' focus)
depend on postgresql-libs and would have to be rebuilt.

To name a few:


Volker Fröhlich

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