[Foss4g2009] FOSS4G OC Meeting Action Notes

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Thu Dec 18 08:43:31 EST 2008

On 2008-12-17 9:43 PM, FOSS4G OC - Tour Hosts wrote:
> Good Afternoon All,
> The action notes from the last OC Meeting with Tour Hosts are now up on
> the Wiki.

I wasn't at the meeting, but I see an item:
ACTION - TH to send each OC member (except Simon) 50 postcards
to distribute to any Conferences they attend

As I won't be attending any relevant conferences, it's
not worthwhile sending me 50 postcards, however, I'd
like to get 5 of them. It might be worthwhile though
to send 50 to me, and I'll pass on most of them to
Paul Ramsey(or send them to him, and I'll get my 5
from him). No sense in doing two mailings to Victoria
(the real one, here in BC!) ;-)

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