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Janelle Driscoll jdriscoll at tourhosts.com.au
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>> How many simultaneous slots?(e.g. 6 at once, like
>> Victoria, making for a total of 12 Workshops)?

Just to let you know, at the moment TH is looking for 6 rooms for the


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On 2008/10/12 11:38 AM, Tim Bowden wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-10-12 at 11:11 -0700, Dave Patton wrote:

>> At this point, I'm only talking "Workshops".
>> Not "Labs". 
> To my mind the difference is a bit artificial.  In essence one is just
> half length version of the other.  Both seem to me to be crowd pullers
> (essentially short and cheap training exercises). Do we really need to
> differentiate?

Yes, we have to differentiate, if we use the same model
as for FOSS4G 2007. The big difference isn't 3 hours vs
90 minutes, it's that Workshops are an extra cost item,
whereas Labs were included within the cost of the
registration for the conference.

Having said that, we can easily consider keeping "Workshops"
to mean "3 hours" and "Labs" to mean "90 minutes", yet hold
both within the conference, and/or as a separate extra
cost item. For example, there is nothing preventing us from
have "Training Tuesday", and having people choose one 3-hour
morning Workshop, and two 90-minute afternoon Labs. However,
if we did something like that, choosing different names, to
avoid confusion with 'Labs during the conference' would be
a good idea.

>> 2)
> As many as we think we can fill and find facilities for (which may be
> total anyway).  It should be prices as revenue positive imho, so we
> shouldn't be limited in that respect.  How many proposed workshops got
> turned down for Victoria?

There were 33 submissions:
12 of those were selected.

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