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Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Fri Sep 26 07:51:08 EDT 2008

On 2008/09/26 1:02 AM, Janelle Driscoll wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> For some reason I did not get your e-mail till now. I have asked my IT
> department to make the changes, but as they have left for the day they
> will not be updated till Monday morning. We will then send the updated
> version to Simon to make live.

OK. Despite what it says above, it looks like
"now" means about 6PM your time on Friday(26th),
but the deadline was 10AM your time.

10AM Sydney time is 5PM here, the day before,
so 5PM Sept 25th. I sent my email at 4:57:57PM
(my time) on the 25th, and it was sent out from
the system that handles this mailing list's
emails 4 seconds later.

Your IT dept can easily look at the headers of
the copy of the email you received to see where
the delay was caused in your receipt of the email.
It doesn't really matter now, for my email, but
might be nice to know for future reference.

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