[fusion-dev] ApplicationDefinition XSD?

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Apr 2 12:28:56 EDT 2009

Is there a new AppDef XSD or documentation available?

I notice that the newer MapGuide template layer definitions include specific xsi:type attributes.  For instance:

<Map xsi:type="MapGuideLayerType">

and from Mike's blog post:

<Map xsi:type="WMSLayerType">

But it appears that there is also an embedded element <Type> which may not match this (for instance, a Map of WMSLayerType can apparently have Types of at least 'Google' and 'WMS'.

Also, am wondering if the following are accessible through the AppDef:

  OpenLayers.Util.onImageLoadErrorColor = "transparent";


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