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Wed Jul 2 22:13:05 EDT 2008

#86: firefox 3 support
   Reporter:  pagameba          |       Owner:  madair
       Type:  defect            |      Status:  new   
   Priority:  P2                |   Milestone:  1.1   
  Component:  Widgets           |     Version:  1.0.6 
   Severity:  Major             |    Keywords:        
External_id:                    |       State:  New   
    Browser:  Firefox 3 (beta)  |          Os:  All   
 With the release of firefox 3, it is important that we go through fusion
 and check for compatibility.  There is at least one issue that has come up
 with z-indexes, the measure tool does not display correctly.  Another
 issue that I have seen is that the map's context menu is now hidden below
 the map - in this case it was because the context menu had a z-index and
 the element the map was in did not.

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