[fusion-trac] #18: Auto-detect map object type

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Fri Mar 7 10:57:33 EST 2008

#18: Auto-detect map object type
   Reporter:  jfournier    |       Owner:  madair
       Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new   
   Priority:  P2           |   Milestone:  1.1   
  Component:  Core         |     Version:  1.0.2 
   Severity:  Major        |    Keywords:        
External_id:               |       State:  New   
    Browser:  All          |          Os:  All   
 With the new !ApplicationDefinition structure, each !WidgetSet corresponds
 to a single map object, which may refer to a Map by id. A Map contains
 Layer tags that each have a type that corresponds to an OpenLayers! type.
 Right now, the Map widget in the !WidgetSet is still one of MGMap or
 MSMap. We'll need to make changes, at some point, to grab the layers from
 the Map and create the right !OpenLayers Layer objects for them. I'd also
 like to consider how we could expose some sort of API to simplify (or make
 possible) adding a new Layer at runtime.

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