[fusion-trac] #33: Vertical alignment of context menu

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Mon Mar 24 14:33:56 EDT 2008

#33: Vertical alignment of context menu
   Reporter:  jfournier  |       Owner:  madair
       Type:  defect     |      Status:  new   
   Priority:  P2         |   Milestone:  1.1   
  Component:  Core       |     Version:  1.0.4 
   Severity:  Minor      |    Keywords:        
External_id:             |       State:  New   
    Browser:  All        |          Os:  All   
 This is actually something that needs to be done in Jx, but when the maps
 context menu is opened in a fusion application and the mouse pointer is
 near the bottom of the map, the menu can go off the bottom of the
 map/page. We should be able to detect the available space and adjust the
 top of the menu to allow for sufficient space to see the entire menu.
 Likewise, opening near the right edge of a container or the page should
 push the menu open to the left of the pointer. The solution also needs to
 accommodate sub menus.

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