[fusion-trac] #428: MapGroup problem with tiled and dynamic mapguide layers

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Tue Mar 8 20:09:37 EST 2011

#428: MapGroup problem with tiled and dynamic mapguide layers
 Reporter:  zspitzer  |         Owner:  madair   
     Type:  defect    |        Status:  closed   
 Priority:  P2        |     Milestone:  2.2      
Component:  MapGuide  |       Version:  2.2 - RC1
 Severity:  Major     |    Resolution:  fixed    
 Keywords:            |   External_id:           
    State:  New       |       Browser:  All      
       Os:  All       |  

Comment(by zspitzer):

 Hi Mike, it simply opens with a blank map, where with RC2, it loads and
 show the higher level tiled map and then the lower level dynamic map at
 the right scale.

 Both maps diplay fine by themselves. It's only when combined in a mapgroup
 that it fails to display a map

 Watching with Firebug, the only image requests I see being fired at the
 MapGuide MapAgent are legend requests.

 Trevor is provided me with a new build, it works, thanks Mike!

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