[Gdal-dev] OGR TIGER driver now supports TIGER/Line 2002 form at

Martin, Daniel DMartin at erac.com
Thu Jan 16 14:19:08 EST 2003

It appears I was mistaken.  I was using TIGER 2000 UA data set
(http://www.census.gov/geo/www/tiger/tigerua/ua_tgr2k.html) which happens to
have been released in 2002.  Confusing that some of the data released in
2002 is called 2000 and other data is called 2002.  Especially when the
Census was taken in 2000.  But, it doesn't take much to confuse me.

As I said, OGR did have a few issues with the 2000 UA data.  But, I imagine
that is a moot point now.

Thanks for your work,

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> > I used OGR to convert Tiger/Line 2002 data to MapInfo TAB a 
> while ago.  The
> > data seems fine, but some errors were reported by OGR 
> during the conversion.
> > Is this to take care of those errors?
> Dan,
> How long ago did you do this conversion, and are you SURE 
> that what you
> had was really the TIGER/Line 2002 data?  It's my understanding that
> the Census Bureau only just released data in the 2002 format 
> in the last
> couple weeks. (They released 3 sample files several months 
> ago, which is
> what I used while updating the OGR driver.)
> If you're sure your data was in the 2002 format, I'd be curious where
> you got it.  Also what was the version code for it?  The version code
> is stored in columns 2-5, where the first column is 1 (not 
> 0), of every
> record, so you can pick it out of the first line, say, of any of your
> files.
> Anyway the main changes from the previous TIGER/Line formats are in
> field definitions rather than geometry, so if you really did run 2002
> data through the old driver, I'd expect that the geometry 
> would probably
> come out OK but that many of the field values would be garbled.
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