[Gdal-dev] Experiences compiling gdal-1.2.0 w/ JP2KAK Support

Valentine Anantharaj val at GRI.MsState.Edu
Fri Apr 30 15:30:05 EDT 2004


I just want to report that I had to tweak the GDALmake.opt in order to 
compile gdal-1.2.0 sources on Linux.  I was using the Kakadu 4.1 
distribution for jp2k support.

To get started, I was not able to compile Kakadu with gcc 2.95.3 -- our 
default gcc installation.  I had to swith to gcc 3.3.1 in order to 
compile Kakadu.  So, I had to use the same gcc 3.3.1 for GDAL also.  
First I tried just:

    ./configure --with-prefix="...my_prefix ..." 

The make process quit while trying to link 'libgdal.so'.  Then I had to 
hack the GDALmake.opt to explicitly specify a path to the location of 
'-lkdu'.  But when I did this, libtool started re-making some of the 
sources on ogr/ and quit complaining about unresolved references to JP2K 
functions in 'libgdal.so'.  So, I reconfigure by including 
'--without-libtool'.  Now, it compiled file (I still had to re-hack 
GDALMake.opt though).

My testing of JP2K for 8-bit RGB files were ok.  I 16-bit support seems 
to be ok, though I had problems viewing them using 'kdu_show' (see my 
previous post ion this).



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