[Gdal-dev] Windows build from CVS

Martin Daly Martin.Daly at cadcorp.com
Tue Oct 12 03:18:55 EDT 2004

It's all smoke and mirrors to me.  (And pretty p*ss-poor of nmake to choke.  We also spent a long time recently infuriated by the VS .NET debugger, which refused to step onto a block of code.  It turned out the code had LF not CRLF which *displayed* OK in VS.NET, but the debugger thought was all one long line.  What joy.)
I was using cvs 1.11.2, from www.cvshome.org, which is way out of date.  I'll try again with 1.11.17, the current stable version.

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	Martin Daly wrote:
	> Frank,
	> I did a cvs update this morning, and the Windows build was broken.  I
	> had to change two files as follows, both attached:
	>         M[M13] = byte[4] * fabs((double) byte[4]) * M[M11] / (127*127);
	>         M[M14] = byte[5] * fabs((double) byte[5]) * M[M11] / (127*127);
	>         M[M23] = byte[6] * fabs((double) byte[6]) * M[M11] / (127*127);
	>         M[M24] = byte[7] * fabs((double) byte[7]) * M[M11] / (127*127);
	> VC++ .NET has multiple fabs-s (float, double and long double),and can't
	> choose which one without a cast.
	Thanks, I have applied the above.
	> frmts\hdf4\hdf-eos\makefile.vc
	> This did not have CRLF endings, and nmake was choking on it as a result.
	I have recommitted with DOS CRLF text conventions.
	 > And another one: nmake.opt
	 > On further inspection, it looks like there were LFCRLF triplets for each
	 > line.
	Hmm, I took a look at this and I don't see this problem.  Any idea why yours
	might come out of CVS different than mine?
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