[Gdal-dev] NGA (aka NIMA) DNC Support?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue May 24 23:16:22 EDT 2005

> Quick question about supported formats for OGR...
> Are there any plans to support the DNC (Digital Nautical Chart) vector
> format from NGA (NIMA)?
> http://www.nga.mil/portal/site/dnc/

Hmm, new to me. Interesting. I wonder what overlap there is with NOAA's
ENC data? Duplication of effort or repackaged in a new format??
Any more links?

>From the FAQ:
 "Any system or software application designed to read VPF structured
data can display the data."

 "DNC® is currently available to the public for US waters at this time."

So it appears OGR built with the OGDI driver is needed.



For US waters, NOAA has its data available as public domain "ENC"
non-encoded S57 format:

in OGR:

see also

quasi-NOAA raster charts (BSB format v3 & older) are supported by GDAL:


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