[Gdal-dev] GDAL bindings for C#

Howard Butler hobu at iastate.edu
Mon Oct 10 12:29:46 EDT 2005

The C# bindings for GDAL that exist in the 1.3.1 distribution and CVS 
do not have SWIG typemaps.  This means that they are 
incomplete.  They do compile and are somewhat usable in their current 
form for doing things like format translation, etc.

For the C# bindings to be complete, a highly motivated developer 
willing to jump into .NET PINVOKE and SWIG typemaps will need to 
write some typemaps to follow the other GDAL language bindings.  This 
is a challenging but not unpossible task.

Java bindings are in a similar boat, although there isn't really a 
build system in place for those like there is for .NET.  Again, 
someone who is highly motivated to write some JNI and SWIG typemaps 
is needed to bring these up to the level of the other languages.

Currently, GDAL/OGR next-gen bindings development has these language champions:
Ruby - Charlie Savage
Perl - Ari Jolma
Python - Frank, Kevin, and myself
PHP - Kevin (these are incomplete at this point but Kevin has made a 
lot of headway)

For your pet (SWIG-supported) language to have complete bindings, it 
needs to have a language champion who is willing to do the 
language-specific mappings between GDAL and the native language using 
SWIG typemaps and the framework that Kevin, Frank, and others have developed.


At 11:09 AM 10/10/2005, Ethan Alpert wrote:
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>I don't know about current efforts for C# specificallyl but GDAL 
>1.3.1 comes with SWIG bindings for perl,ruby and python. You could 
>use these as examples to generate a SWIG wrapper for C#.
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>Good morning list,
>I'm brandnew to this list, so forgive me if this question might be outdated.
>I'm working on a project for managing all kinds raster data in an 
>ESRI ArcObject environment.
>Since ArcObjects has only a limited capacity for wrting raster 
>formats (Erdas IMG, TIFF and
>some generic/ESRI formats), I'm very interested in the GDAL 
>conversion capabilities.
>However, my project is written in .NET (C#), so I'm wondering how 
>far the various efforts in
>porting GDAL to C# actually are.
>I've seen some code on this, but no real packages or builds.
>So, if anyone can point me to the most recent developments, I'll 
>take a look at it and try to contribute...
>Best regards and thank you,
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