Hi Frank,Re: [Gdal-dev] Geographic Transformer

Mario Beauchamp starged at videotron.ca
Thu Oct 13 00:53:09 EDT 2005

Schuyler Erle wrote:
> * On 12-Oct-2005 at  1:46PM PDT, Mateusz ??oskot said:
>>>The particular hole I would love to fill in
>>>OpenEV + GDAL is the ability to collect ground control points and
>>>a reprojection/warping GUI in OpenEV.
>>QGIS plugin provides such feature.
> Last I checked, it only provided linear warping, and the user
> interface needed a bit of work. But it's definitely a place where a
> well-meaning and industrious GDAL hacker could make a substantial
> contribution to the community.

Was working on that for a while... have a skeleton GUI for reprojection/warping in OpenEV. But
other priorities swamped me :)
Mario B.

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