[Gdal-dev] Mysql support

Miller Joseph miller_joseph at bah.com
Fri Feb 17 13:14:04 EST 2006

Hey all,
With some tweaking of ogrmysqllayer.cpp and pcrtypes.h I was able to get
the daily build of feb 13 to compile and link on a windows xp system
using visual c 6.0.
I used to ogr2ogr to create the Geometry_Columns table and I created a
spatial_ref_sys table as described in:
I altered the geometry_columns so that the srid column was a foreign key
from the spatial ref table.
I am still not having luck having ogrinfo reflect the srid information I
entered.  I even made sure that data I entered using the Geomfromtext
function included the srid.  My question is whether I am doing something
wrong or if I should wait for a later build to be released before the
spatial_ref_sys table is supported??
Thanks in advance,
Joe Miller
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