[Gdal-dev] Mysql support

Miller Joseph miller_joseph at bah.com
Sat Feb 18 12:00:38 EST 2006

I was manually using sql to create the tables.  I tried extracting sql
from the old perl script that came with mapserver to create the tables,
but it looks like you guys interpret the standard a little different (eg
the feature type as a varchar intead of an int in the geometry_columns
table).  I got the Feb 18 build and it worked fine for loading and
getting metadata using ogr2ogr and ogrinfo.  I then rebuilt mapserver
with the new gdal build but was unable to get anything to display using
shp2img.  I consistently get a "memory cannot be read error" followed by
the MySQL service crashing.  Is anyone else getting this or maybe it is
just a windows issue?  I am using mysql 5.0 on an xp pro machine.


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If you can do a cvs update, there were quite a few changes to the mysql
driver yesterday and the day before.  These may have an impact on your

Also, you can just let ogr2ogr *create* the spatial_ref_sys and
geometry_columns table for you in a fresh database without manually
doing it yourself.  Were you just letting ogr2ogr do it, or were you
doing with some sort of sql command?


At 12:14 PM 2/17/2006, Miller Joseph wrote:
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>Hey all,
>With some tweaking of ogrmysqllayer.cpp and pcrtypes.h I was able to 
>get the daily build of feb 13 to compile and link on a windows xp 
>system using visual c 6.0.
>I used to ogr2ogr to create the Geometry_Columns table and I created a 
>spatial_ref_sys table as described in:
>I altered the geometry_columns so that the srid column was a foreign 
>key from the spatial ref table.
>I am still not having luck having ogrinfo reflect the srid information 
>I entered.  I even made sure that data I entered using the Geomfromtext

>function included the srid.  My question is whether I am doing 
>something wrong or if I should wait for a later build to be released 
>before the spatial_ref_sys table is supported??
>Thanks in advance,
>Joe Miller
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