[Gdal-dev] dgn file creation

stradivarius at centrum.cz stradivarius at centrum.cz
Tue Feb 28 06:33:25 EST 2006

Hi list,
I´m really sorry for this question, but how can I create dgn from another supported format?
my command:
ogr2ogr -skipfailures -f "DGN" -lco "SEED=/usr/local/gdal/share/gdal/seed_2d.dgn 3D=NO" mundo_ogr.dgn mundo.shp
I get:
ERROR 6: CreateField() not supported by this layer.

When I try a postgis connection, I get for each element:

ERROR 1: Features with empty, geometry collection geometries not
supported in DGN format.

Commands create empty dgn file. Shp creating works.

Thanks in advance,

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