[Gdal-dev] RE: GDAL, and C# Access

Morten Nielsen mn at blominfo.dk
Mon Jan 2 03:37:04 EST 2006

>Paul and Morten's work is a great start, though if we're really going
>put something together that is of general use to other developers, I
>might suggest a few naming changes. For instance, FWTools is just one
>particular distribution of GDAL, so it doesn't quite make sense to me
>use that as the primary namespace - I'd prefer "Gdal". Similarly, using
>a class called Gdal to map to the GDALDataset class doesn't feel quite
>right to me either. Why not Gdal.Dataset? Similarly, for
>Gdal.RasterBand, Gdal.Driver and so on for the other main GDAL object
>classes. In general, I think it would make sense to stick to the
>existing C++ organization of GDAL when mapping to C# classes. Morten -
>what do you think?

I do agree with you on this one. I just did a quick implementation, and
putting it all in the correct classes wasn't top priority then. There
were not that many methods wrapped (yet) so it didn't make sense to
split them in a large bunch of classes.
I still do think that SWIG is the way to go for creating and maintaining
the wrappers. In addition would be nice to see some classes (like the
ones I did on Pauls work) put above the SWIG classes where one could
utilize the full potential of .NET, including code-summaries for
intellisense, garbage collection etc. I don't much like the code that
SWIG generates for .NET. It is far from the patterns and practices that
Microsoft recommends for .NET libraries.


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