[gdal-dev] Contour generation method in bindings

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Sun Dec 2 04:22:46 EST 2007

Ari Jolma kirjoitti:
> Tamas Szekeres kirjoitti:
>> I would be in favour of refactoring the code using the following 
>> common rules:
>> 1. Every target class would go into a separate interface file
>> 2. Every interface file would be responsible to include the interface
>> files that it depends on.
>> 3. To avoid the name collisions we should either use namespaces (not
>> sure how it is supported by the various target languages) or prefixes
>> in the classnames
>> 4. We should declare the constants in separate interface files that
>> can be included by the others if needed.

I'll try something along these lines in 


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