[Gdal-dev] problems compiling gdal with xerces

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Thu Nov 15 18:16:17 EST 2007

Edward Fialkowski wrote:
> Sorry, I sent from the wrong e-mail address so the list didn't accept it.


Sorry I'm replying ridiculously late, just encountered this post.

> [...]
> Unfortunately, my FeatureServer request returns an error:
> An error occurred: libxerces-c.so.27: cannot open shared object file:
> No such file or directory
> Pretty bizarre if you ask me, now I have even less of a clue what to do than
> before!
> Thanks again for looking into that.  If anyone has any random ideas or
> suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

It looks like Xerces library is not available for the FeatureServer
service. Check if you see Xerces library in listing printed by

ldconfig -p

Mateusz Loskot

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