[Gdal-dev] Re: The perfect raster format - which is it?

Brian Claywell brian.claywell at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 14:42:47 EST 2007

Tim Sutton wrote:
> Previously we've been using HFA but lack of nodata support is an issue
> and it does not seem to work well under both ArcMap and ArcGIS.


I submitted a patch that adds no-data support to the HFA driver back in
April or so; it's not scheduled to be included until the 1.5 release,
but we've been using it internally ever since then and have run into no
problems with it. You can find the patch here:


The patch was written against the 1.4.0 source tree, but I've
successfully applied it to 1.4.1 and 1.4.3 as well.

Hope that helps!

Brian Claywell
brian.claywell at gmail.com

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