[Gdal-dev] Another NetCDF driver bug fix

Joaquim Luis jluis at ualg.pt
Wed Oct 17 19:44:18 EDT 2007

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Joaquim,
> I believe we need someone to step up and take ownership of the netcdf
> driver.  It seems that Denis Nadeau does not have the time to do a lot of
> new work on it, and I have been trying to duck these issues.  Are you
> interested in taking on responsibility for it?

I'm honored and willing to help but I think you overestimated my 
programing skills.
I must warn you (and the others) that I can more or less read C++ but 
that is not a language that I practice.
So, I can give my contribution but don't know if that is enough to say 
that I'll be responsible
for the driver.


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