[gdal-dev] VMAP Problems...

Courtney Schitka c.schitka at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 09:42:24 EDT 2008


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Courtney Schitka to gdal-dev
show details Apr 23 (2 days ago) Reply

Hi List,

This is my first posting, so my apologies if it's been answered prior. I
have a VMAP data source, I am trying to open with Gdal-OGDI. I have rebuilt
Gdal 1.5.1 with OGDI enabled and everything is linking and opening fine.
When I open my data source the GDAL code goes through the OGDI hoops, and
opens the data source, giving me back an OGRLayer, which I got by doing
something like this


I get back a physical layer, however this layer reports 0 features and when
I try and get a feature or iterate over them, I never seem to get a feature.

I would think it's my datasource however when I open the same VMAP data
source with the same layer using ogrinfo, I get all the feature in the data
source listed.

Please Help!

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