[gdal-dev] VMAP Problems - Correct Posting.

Courtney Schitka c.schitka at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 11:58:11 EDT 2008

Hi List,

Sorry about my last posting, this was the one I meant.

Thanks for your response, I am still having difficulties however.

This is what the URI I am trying to open looks like

gltp:/vrf/c:/data/v1001/noamer/lib_001:treesa at veg(*)_area:area
Unfortunately I am trying to work in windows.

This format is as per the OGDI Layer in GDAL specifies.

As I said in my previous E-mail this datasource opens as specified above,
and I can get an OGRLayer when I ask the data source for the layer. However
when I try and read features from this layer I always end up with error 2
End Of Selection. I thought that I might be at an EOF, so I reset reading
before trying to extract a feature, however same behavour. Can you see
anything that I am doing incredibly wrong ?
Also I was curious to know if you konw why when I try and open a data source
with the following URI

The XML parser in the OGDI blows my heap ?

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