[gdal-dev] Oracle Connection issues

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jul 17 14:45:49 EDT 2008

Clay, Bruce wrote:
> 2. There seems to be a long pause when I connect to Oracle.  I used the 
> debugger to follow the process and it looks like an internal structure 
> is created in GDAL memory space that contains information about all of 
> the tables in Oracle including the field names and data types.  We have 
> a database with several tables so this takes a while to build.  Is there 
> a way to get GDAL to do a quick connect without building this structure 
> every time I connect?


Per the OCI driver docs:

When opening a database, it's name should be specified in the form
"OCI:userid/password at database_instance:table,table".  The list of tables
is optional.  The database_instance portion may be omitted
when accessing the default local database instance.<p>

If you provide an explicit list of tables of interest, only those will
be converted into OGR layers, which can greatly accelerate the time to
establish access to the database.

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