[gdal-dev] gdal_merge segfaults

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed May 14 10:59:24 EDT 2008

Peter Vogt wrote:
> Hi,
> I have gdal-1.5.1 installed from rpm in PCLinuxOS and things work ok 
> besides that when trying to merge 3 files (part1/2/3.tif) with :
> gdal_merge.py -v -o test.tif part*.tif
> gdal_merge.py starts fine but then segfaults after the first image.
> I tested the same files & command on a RedHat 5 machine where gdal1.5.1 
> was installed from source and there everything worked fine.
> I finally managed to get a gdal1.5.1 source install up on my PCLOS 
> machine but still had the same segfault for gdal_merge.py. After some 
> search in Google I now suspect that this is related to the Python 
> distribution which in RedHat is version 2.3.4 and in PCLOS is 2.4.3. A 
> Python update to 2.4.5 did not change anything.
> I finally ended up installing FWTools which compiles its own 
> gdal_merge.py. The one in FWTools works fine and uses its own Python 
> environment of version 2.2.
> So in short I have for gdal_merge.py
> - Python 2.3.4 or Python 2.2 (FWTools) works perfectly fine
> - Python 2.4.3 or higher works but then segfaults
> Can you give me any hint to find the source of the problem?


I can't think of any reason that gdal_merge.py would be particular
about the version of Python.  I'm not sure how we would track down
this problem without having direct access to your machine to debug

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