[gdal-dev] gdalwarp - banded overviews

Alex Bowen (Contractor) bowen at enews.nrl.navy.mil
Wed May 21 17:47:34 EDT 2008

I'm working with gdalwarp to re-project some fairly large imagery
sources that have multiple overviews per band (mostly MrSID data).  Is
there any way to force gdalwarp to use a specified overview layer for
its processing, or a way to have it 'auto-calculate' the most efficient
level?  I have looked through the code in
gdalwarp.cpp/gdalwarpoperation.cpp and it doesn't seem to take overviews
into account.


Either way, this would be incredibly more efficient when warping
extremely images down to lower resolutions - you don't really need to
read the 'raw' overview in such cases, just the one that has a
comparable lat/lon resolution.


Alex Bowen

bowen at enews.nrl.navy.mil


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