[gdal-dev] GDAL encounters problem with very small files

Matthieu Rigal rigal at rapideye.de
Thu Nov 13 12:02:17 EST 2008

Hi all, hi Frank,

I am encountering problem with gdal_translate and gdalinfo with very little 
images. I have for example a 9*16 pixels image, georeferenced, 16bits and 
8bits, that I have tested in 2 formats : .pix PCIDSK and .tif GTiff.

And both times, I get errors :
gdal_translate: symbol lookup error: gdal_translate: undefined symbol: 
gdalinfo: symbol lookup error: gdalinfo: undefined symbol: GDALGetFileList

I have attached both tif files in 8bits and 16 bits, with the hope it will 
help. Notice that these images can be open by software like QGis or PCI 

If you have any ideas or if it is a known bug... let me know !

Best regards,
Matthieu Rigal

PS : it may be related to the bug described before, but just to know, is there 
anything wrong in this portion of Python code :
                    sName = sFile[:-3] + "tif"
                    xImGdal= gdal.Open("%s/%s"%(sImgDir, sFile))
                    driver = gdal.GetDriverByName('GTiff')
                    #ds = driver.CreateDataSource(sName)
                    ds = driver.CopyDataSource(xImGdal, sName)

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