[Gdal-dev] problems warping a netcdf file

edfialk wef1 at cec.wustl.edu
Fri Nov 14 12:06:55 EST 2008

Hello, I'm fairly new to reprojection and my experience with gdal is limited,
so I'll do my best to keep up.  I have tried searching through a number of
messages without finding anything quite like my problem.

I've been completely unsuccessful trying to reproject a netcdf file for some
time now and I'm becoming fairly desperate for some help.  I'm going for
changing "Lambert Conformal with a perfect sphere geoid with earth
radius=6370km centered at 40N, 97W with standard latitudes at 33N, 45N to
geographic lat, long (flat) projection."

First, a little gdal info on one particular subdataset for the netcdf file:
Warning 1: No UNIDATA NC_GLOBAL:Conventions attribute
Driver: netCDF/Network Common Data Format
Size is 148, 112
Coordinate System is `'
ad then coordinates, cdate, ctime, xcent, ycent, etc. etc.  I was wondering
if NC_Global or the coordinate system being `' might cause a problem.  

and then, running the command (going to mercator just to get a successful
reprojection, I'll deal with lat/lon later):
gdalwarp -s_srs "+proj=lcc" -t_srs "+proj=merc" NETCDF:"test_0910.nc":PM25

gives me:
Warning 1: No UNIDATA NC_GLOBAL:Conventions attribute
ERROR 1: Unable to compute a transformation between pixel/line
and georeferenced coordinates for NETCDF:test_0910.nc:PM25.
There is no affine transformation and no GCPs.

I'm fairly stuck.  If anyone has any ideas at all, I'd really appreciate it.
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