[gdal-dev] Some questions about the TransformPoints typemap

Hogendoorn, Rene r.hogendoorn at hitt.nl
Thu Jun 4 08:51:40 EDT 2009

In 1.6.1, TransformPoints got a python typemap such that a list of tuples can be transformed.
I want to make it a little bit more general, such that the inner tuples can be lists as well.
While looking at the typemap, I have the following questions:

- Why is there an explicit check on Py_None? Py_None will fail the next test anyway and the
  error message is not entirely true since a tuple is a sequence as well (and works).

- Memory is allocated with CPLMalloc; in some other typemaps it is plain malloc. In the latter
  case, there is no check on allocation failures. Should these be replaced by CPLMalloc?
- If CPLMalloc fails, it calls a memory allocation failure hook (according to the docs). The
  default is to terminate the application; shouldn't this hook raise a python memory exception?

- The transformpoints typemap returns a tuple of 2 lists. In general, python functions return
  tuples. Is there a reason to return lists in this case?


Rene Hogendoorn
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