[gdal-dev] OGR, Oracle Spatial and styleitem auto.

Jelmer Baas Baas at speerit.nl
Mon May 25 04:06:40 EDT 2009


I'm using OGR and MapServer to retreive and draw data from Oracle
Spatial. I'm using the styleitem auto tag in my mapfile, so that OGR
figures out the style automaticly.

My test data is a number of polylines. I can change the color of the
line by setting PEN(c:#00ff00), but changing the line width doesn't seem
to work. When I try PEN(c:#00FF00,w:10px), nothing happens. I tried this
with px, pt, cm, big numbers, low numbers, nothing works. 

Am I doing something wrong, here? 

Also, I couldn't find anything in the documentation about multiple
styles per object. In MapInfo it's possible to have a 2px red line with
a black border, or a red dashed line with a blue background, for
example. Is that also possible in the OGR style?

Thanks for your time.

With kind regards,
Jelmer Baas

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