[gdal-dev] Re: GDAL 1.7.2 Windows compilation JAVA JNI doesn't work

Harsh Govind harsh.govind at spadac.com
Fri Aug 6 09:17:13 EDT 2010

Looks like your path may have another version of libexpat somewhere probably x86. I usually see these kind of errors when accidentally mix-n-match 32 and 64 bit dlls. Basically a 64 bit native application is trying to instantiate a 32 bit application. 

Harsh Govind

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Hi Tamas,

Thank you for reply.

I compiled with libexpat.lib and used the include directory from
release-1400-x64-dev  and than I used the dll file from bin directory
libexpat.dll. It doesn't work again. It has compilled correctly, but
the error is same.

I compiled with Xerces from release-1400-x64-dev and the gml was
working fine. The KML didn't work.
I was importing kml, which was possible to read by gdal (with expat,
through jni ) in linux. Than I think the file should be correct.

I have got an error when I try open the libexpat.dll (downloaded from
page you recommanded ) in DependencyWalker ( 64 bit version on win

Error: The Side-by-Side configuration information for
contains errors. This application has failed to start because the
application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application
may fix this problem (14001).

First I thought it could be because of missing ms visual c++ dlls,
than I copied msvcm80.dll msvcp80.dll and msvcr80.dll into same
directory as libexpat.dll. Dependency walker doesn't report any
missing library, but the error is still there.

Could be the dll file invalid?

Is it possible to compile expat from command line?
Is it possible to use Xerces as xml parsers for kml and gpx? Gml works
fine with Xerces.


2010/8/5 Tamas Szekeres <szekerest at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Switcing to x64 should produce x64 compatible libs and dll with the expat
> solution. You can use de Depends tool to inspect libexpat.dll whether it's
> an x64 or x32 image.
> BTW: If you don't want to make your hands dirty with the compilation just
> download one of the SDK packages from http://vbkto.dyndns.org/sdk containing
> all the required libs headers and dlls provided to compile GDAL.
> Best regards,
> Tamas
> 2010/8/5 Zdeněk Vráblík <zdenek at vrablik.org>
>> Hi,
>> I have removed external plugins and found that the JNI works when
>> I have removed the lib expat from nmake.opt
>> I was compiling the expat from source I downloaded from
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/expat/files/
>> I am using version 2.0.1.
>> Have you got any problems compiling and using expat.
>> I was compiling with the visual studio. There is VS project file. I
>> have changed the active configuration to release and platform to x64.
>> Expat dll file is PE 32+, but using this dll prevents loading jni
>> files correctly.
>> Did you have to modify the expat project before building?
>> Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Zdenek
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