[gdal-dev] Raster algebra with Gdal and Python

Alexander Bruy alexander.bruy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 01:46:30 EST 2010

2010/2/1 Greg Coats <gregcoats at mac.com>:
> Yes, GDAL can successfully process images with 15,000 columns by 15,000 rows. I have used GDAL on a computer with only 3 GB RAM to process an image with Image Width: 260,000 Image Length: 195,000. What version of GAL are you using? Are you using GDAL 1.7.0? What operating system are you using? How much RAM is available to GDAL? Greg

I'm using GDAL 1.6.3 under Linux Slackware 12.2, and I plan to upgrade
to 1.7.0 today.
My computer has 2 Gb RAM and 2 Gb swap, but now I can't test this
error by myself because I have no large files. This error was reported
by users, they test code on several
Windows XP boxes with 4 Gb RAM.
I get large rasters today and try to reproduce this error.

Alexander Bruy
mailto: alexander.bruy at gmail.com

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